Mystery Hot Chocolate

The week before last, I received an unusual package at work. It contained a single-serving packet of organic hot chocolate, which I later consumed (and it was delicious).

There is, however, a mystery: from whom did this care package originate. The postmark is unclear, so I’m not sure which post office handled it, but it’s hard to imagine somebody who lived in Aberystwyth spending 69p to have this delivered to me when they could have just dropped it in themselves.

The back of the envelope may be considered a clue, too:

It looks like the envelope has been re-used, which suggests that the sender was the recipient of the original package, which seems to have come from Toronto, Canada, back in March 2009.

Aside from that, all we know is that the mystery sender’s handwriting is a little sloppy.

If it’s you that sent it: thanks! But who the hell are you?

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  1. Mysterious munificence combined with iffy handwriting, you say?

    Nominate Paul. I periodically come home to find he’s left little boxes of chocolates on my step, so I suspect he’s not above posting people morning pick-me-ups :-)

  2. Yeah. Leastways the bit about iffy handwriting was. In fairness to you, it’s a flaw that all CompScis seem to clock up.

    Basically, that envelope was likely done by a geek or a medic; it’s all pointy-edged block capitals. I never met an arts man with spiky block capitals yet, they’re too used to proper handwriting and spikes slow you down there, so they fetch up with extra curves. Much more aesthetically awsome :-)

  3. The Pacifist: “You’re obviously a geek, but you like curves…”

    …now you’re bringing Ruth into it?

    Thanks for the hot chocolate, anyway. It was delicious.

  4. Have you google mapped the address on the packet? The street address is for a Poseidon shipping company but the post code doesn’t match as it’s at the other side of town near a mall?

  5. Maybe the address is their home address, but the post code is that of the shipping company. Maybe they work at the shipping company. Maybe the shipping company does the postal service their to their employees. Maybe they never existed at all!

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