Fight My Battles For Me

Just a quick announcement to plug an awesome album now purchasable on a CD in a shiny case: Fight My Battles For Me by Pagan Wanderer Lu. You can buy it for a tenner at the online store on old-school optical media.

My copy arrived this morning.

It’s full of re-recorded versions of a lot of PWL songs that you’ve probably heard before (and if you haven’t: why not?), but what makes it special is that it’s such an obviously lovingly-prepared and passionate collection of what makes Mr Lu so ace. I’ve falled in love with The Gentlemen’s Game all over again: the one song that’s most likely to get PWL lynched by folks who can’t appreciate that it isn’t actually a piece of racist propoganda. Later on the disc, there’s the re-re-re-release of his iconic (You & Me And) Winston Churchill, and the anthem-ish The Tree Of Knowledge. Not had enough? There’s still The Memorial Hall, ——–, and one of my favourites, England Expects.

Altogether a great album that you should be buying, rather than reading this blatant plug. Get on with it.

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  1. pwl pwl says:

    cheers for the plug dan. already had one soon-to-be happy customer which I’m fairly sure is off the back of this post.

    i’ve replied to yr comment on my wordpress btw. don’t know if you’ll get notified, probably not. my settings are already set to show the full post. any ideas?

    did you get my e-mail about the download server?

    cheers again,


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