Enter The Ninja

So, like a handful of others, I’ll be participating in Andy‘s Ninja Burger game tonight. He’s asked us each to throw together a character – or at least to look at character generation – so here’s mine:

Ninja with a Rubix CubeName: Ava Kurosawa
Job Title: Driver

  • Average [+0] Ninja
  • Average [+0] Driver (just because he does it doesn’t mean he’s particularly good at it)
  • Good [+2] at Bojitsu (staff/club fighting)
  • Good [+2] at Problem Solving (years of training in the Zen arts; also one-handed Rubix cube solving)
  • Good [+2] at Reading Minds (a natural instinct for understanding what people want)
  • Poor [-2] at Acting Impulsively (his clan history forbids rash thinking, and this has rubbed off on him, making him indecisive)

Background: Ava is descended from a long history of Ninja drivers. Despite only being an average driver, he seeks to gain the respect and honour of his family through his work with Ninja Burger, and by practicing the calm, collected, enlightened path of his clan. He prefers blunt weapons and particularly the bo staff.

Element: Air
Clan: Mysterious Clan Of The Gazebo Slayers
Matter of Honour: “I will never attack without provocation.”
Honour Score: TBC

If you haven’t put together a character yet because you haven’t seen the rules, there’s a copy here. Just make sure you use the 2nd edition ones!

I gather we’ll be meeting in #ninjaburger on Freenode at 7:30ish. If you’re confused as to how to do that, just use Abnib Chat and ask for help.