Black Red Tonight

As you probably ought to know, Black Red Black Dwarf Adder Night V is tonight, featuring the fifth series of Red Dwarf (including fantastic episodes such as Quarantine and Back To Reality) and the first half of the third series of Blackadder.

Saturday’s Troma Night is cancelled in favour of Adam‘s Eurovision Final Night. I’m sure Adam is probably fine with any Troma Night regulars who are inclined towards suffering the Eurovision Song Content joining in. As always, check before you board the plane.

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  1. Rats, completely forgot about RedBlack Night and spent the last 7 hours watching Election ’97 on BBC Parliament instead. And with BlackAdder the Third being my favourite series as well…typical, really – haven’t seen that in, ooh, weeks.

    In other news, should I have the time there may well be Eurovision cakes on Saturday. But only if you’re good.

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