What Did Matt Leave This Time?

Last time Matt visited, he left his mobile phone charger. It wasn’t all bad: it gave him an excuse to come back again.

This time, he left his razor and a can of deodorant. That’s all we’ve found so far; but we’re convinced that he’s trying to move in by installments. This gives him an excuse to visit again (to pick them up), when we anticipate he’ll leave three things, and so on in that fashion until he’s living with us.

In other news, I’ve just got back from an unexpected drinking session with random socialists.


  1. Ele Ele says:

    But don’t put them back on your feet afterwards

  2. I just fell off my chair laughing at the other comments.

    Everyone else in the office gave me funny looks.

  3. Rockmonkey Rockmonkey says:

    What was random who they were or the fact you ended up drinking with them?

  4. Is it just me or does the new abnib claim to pick up posts before they’re made?

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