Guess This Makes Me “Sad”

I guess it makes me pretty much the geekiest person at Troma Night to have, when watching Daredevil, been pissed off mostly not by the shoddy acting or the over-obvious CGI or the physics-defying abilities of the sight-deprived… no; what ruined the film the most for me was that the main character was able to hear a bullet from a sniper rifle coming toward him and dodge appropriately… yes, that’ll be a supersonic bullet he heard coming towards him…

Not the only thing wrong with the movie, of course, but the thing that stood out to me the loudest.


  1. rockmonkey rockmonkey says:

    not all sniper rifles fire supersonic rounds.

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Yes; I know. But:

    (a) The only reason not to fire supersonic rounds from a sniper rifle is to use it in conjunction with a suppressor, which wasn’t being used.

    (b) The bullet was fired by an FBI SWAT team member. Therefore it’s almost certainly an FN Special (or, at a stretch, a PSG1). Neither of these guns are capable of using subsonic ammunition.

    Sorry. Sad. Yes, I know.

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