Birmingham, Troma Night, And Open Mic

The Aber folks seem to have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow about a half-dozen people seem to be planning a trip to Birmingham. Not me: I’m busy, but I thought I’d share the news. Oh; scratch that. I’ve just heard that it’s been cancelled. Apparently there might be a more popular trip to Brum in a few weeks time. Tomorrow evening’s Troma Night will be at The Cottage, for such film delights as the fantastic Children Of Men, Phantasm, and, between the two, something who’s name I forget. Paul‘ll remind me, I’m sure. Because we’ve got three full-length films lined up, we’ll be pushing the latest episode of Drawn Together forward to 7:30pm, so if you want to see that, that’s when to be around, and we’ll be kicking off promptly with the films at 8pm. You have been warned. There might even be one or two new people, from what I hear, and you all know what that means. Sunday Night I’ll be doing the comedy open mic at The Angel, after last time turned out to be Gorilla Monsoon and not open mic night at all. If you haven’t heard enough of my worst jokes on Troma Night or just generally during the rest of the time you’ve known me, I’d love for you to come along and give me a little support. At least that way somebody’ll be laughing if I mistakenly slip in to in-jokes-mode again. The open mic night acts are sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great, but it’s always a nice chillin’ night out. Oh, and here’s a news story that tickled me: Backside Firework Prank Misfires. I remember that in the year I turned 16, they increased the age requirement for firework sales from 16 to 18. It turns out that age wasn’t the problem after all, but plain old human stupidity. Thanks for reading.

My Cat Built A Shrine To Andrew Lloyd Webber

I’ve discovered the most fun free game on the entire internet. At least, this week. Here’s some filler to warm you up:
Did you ever play Eat Poop My Cat? No; well, you’re not entirely alone, but I have found myself having to describe the game several times so far today. It’s a bit like Chinese Whispers bred with that game where you each write a line of a story and they had a child that looked suspiciously like their friend Pictionary but Chinese Whispers swears she was faithful. Basically, the first player writes a line: the more bizarre the better: such as “eat poop, my cat.” The second player has to draw a picture to represent this notion. The third player, given only the second player’s picture, has to describe it in a line of text. The fourth player draws their interpretation of what the third player wrote, and so on, until eventually you have an interpretation of a picture that has nothing to do with the original premise. Hilarity ensues.

Well; there’s an online version called The Sentence Game. It’s free, doesn’t require confirmation of an e-mail address, and great fun. Here’s two of the five games I played today: Dan reinterprets microphone/mermaid marriage; Andrew Lloyd Webber becomes Elvis’ mustache.

Give it a go.