Strange Happenings In LiveJournalLand

Strange. First Faye’s comment on Andy‘s controversial blog post diappears. Now her entire LiveJournal is empty of posts (not just friends-only but gone, as far as I can see), but the account still exists.

Faye? What’s going on? Has the internet eaten you whole?

EDIT: The plot thickens. I’ve just remembered that I noticed this weekend that Faye changed her RockMonkey page recently: it’s now a lot tamer than it used to be, doesn’t link to ARSEnalScumDepreciationSociety, and one of Andy’s infamous spelling mistakes has been fixed. Perhaps the internet really is eating Faye up…

9 replies to Strange Happenings In LiveJournalLand

  1. Faye is still alive she just decided to clean up some of her things online which she didn’t particually like. We’ve all done it at some point.

  2. i didn’t delete anything that I had put there and was ashamed of, just some stuff i would rather forget about. call it cathartic

  3. Nah, I’ve never taken owt down, either. Always felt it’s not worth forgetting the ‘net’s a big fat public place full of search engines, and the like.

    Servers going down and people misplacing my archives, on the other hand… (Any joy with that CD, Dan?)

  4. i don’t mind that, it’s just for my own personal reasons, so that i can move on with things, leave the past where it belongs and all that

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