Chinese Funerals And Sudo

Scott Adams has written a fabulous blog entry about strippers at Chinese funerals, but it’s not quite as funny as the latest xkcd comic. For those who aren’t sufficiently geeky (if you’re a geek: read the comic first then come back here), sudo is a command found on some computer systems that allows you to act as if you had greater (typically) priviledges than you wouild normally have. In the comic, the speaker attempts to do something, fails (because he’s not permitted to perform that operation), and tries again, this time using sudo.

Well; I thought it was funny.

If you’re still not laughing, watch How Lord Of The Rings Should Have Ended.

Strange Happenings In LiveJournalLand

Strange. First Faye’s comment on Andy‘s controversial blog post diappears. Now her entire LiveJournal is empty of posts (not just friends-only but gone, as far as I can see), but the account still exists.

Faye? What’s going on? Has the internet eaten you whole?

EDIT: The plot thickens. I’ve just remembered that I noticed this weekend that Faye changed her RockMonkey page recently: it’s now a lot tamer than it used to be, doesn’t link to ARSEnalScumDepreciationSociety, and one of Andy’s infamous spelling mistakes has been fixed. Perhaps the internet really is eating Faye up…