Naruto Night

Tonight’s agenda:

8:00pm – American Dad: Season finale.
8:30pm – Naruto Night as usual: Bleach and Last Exile are on the cards.
10:00pm – Full Metal Alchemist : Conquerer Of Shambala (thanks Jimmy)

You know how this works by now.


  1. Naruto seems oddly absent from Naruto night, have you run out of episodes or something? Btw if you’ve not seen the series of Full Metal Alchemist episodes there are bits of the movie which are not going to make a whole lot of sense.

  2. We haven’t run out of episodes… But people are getting a bit fed up with it due to all the repetition….

    And the movie has been timed to go in the appropriate place within the episodes…

  3. It does help to skip over the recaps if you’re watching the episodes one after another. Where abouts are you atm, the chunin exam?

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