Abnib v3.0, First Release

Well, I’ve completed the first release of Abnib v3.0. It’s not quite as full-featured as I’d have liked, yet, but a lot of the new “core” functionality is there. I hope you’ll all agree that it’s been worth the wait. And, if you’re reading this on Abnib… Hello there!

So: what’s new –

“Friends-Only” Support For LiveJournal Users
Just add ‘abnib’ to your friends list and abnib-readers will be notified when you make “friends only” posts, so they don’t have to check more pages than they need to. Abnib won’t show your “friends only” text – it’ll just tell people that you’ve made a “friends only” post, and invite them to click the link to go to it. If you’re particularly paranoid, you can even set up a custom group that doesn’t include abnib, so you can make private posts that abnib readers don’t get told about.

I’d appreciate it if a few of you would try out this feature, so that we can be sure that it works.

Integrated Member Descriptions
Click on somebody’s name in the upper-right, and you can read a short description of them. I’ve filled a few in to start us off. You can opt to only view posts by a certain person, and, soon, you’ll be able to cloak posts by certain people (if you always find their ‘blogs boring, for example). If you want to edit your description, you can! If you do this, abnib will ask you to prove that you are who you claim to be by posting a certain unusual series of words in your weblog within the next few days. Please give this a go!

Gallery, RockMonkey, and Troma Night Integration
Abnib talks to Abnib Gallery, the RockMonkey Wiki, and the Troma Night web site in order to bring you the latest news and pictures. These features – particularly the Gallery and RockMonkey ones – are yet to be enhanced even further, so watch this space. The Gallery “Random Picture” feature refreshes itself every 30 seconds, so even during the most boring blog rant, there’s always something to occupy your interest.

New Look-And-Feel
It’s got wavy corners and transparent bits and everything. Looks great in FireFox and Opera, tolerable in Internet Explorer 6 (good in Internet Explorer 7)…

Read More…
If you’re really “out of the loop” and need to catch up, just scroll to the bottom of Abnib and you can easily view “older” posts at the click of a link. The page doesn’t even need to refresh!


  1. I don’t know if JTA got ’round to asking you yet, but what is wrong with the KTAB News RSS Feed which prevents it from being added to Abnib?

    It validates and works with Sage, so I thought I’d got it just right!

    Nice JavaScript-y scrolling/AJAX/etc madness and general ambience, by the way. ;)

  2. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    He hasn’t.

    The only thing wrong with it is that it isn’t really in the spirit of AbNib (Aberystwyth journals). However, once I’ve got the ability for users to block feeds in their cookie, I’ll consider adding KTAB News.

    Aye, it’s probably pretty fine. My RSS parser is more forgiving than Sage, anyway.

    Mmm. AJAX.

  3. Fair enough…he told me it was an RSS issue!

    Mmm. Funny scroll-y boxes.

    Just “mmm” in general, probably.

  4. Abnib doesn’t seem to be picking up recent posts (Vikingjim’s and mine).

  5. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Aye; it is being a bit slow – it’s supposed to be updating even more frequently than Abnib 2.0 – almost “live”, but it’s lagging by about half an hour. Investigating.

  6. It looks yuck on this tiny tiny University screen.

    But otherwise – hurray! new things for me to play with instead of doing revision!

  7. Looks good at 1920×1440. :)

  8. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    Buggery. Still, the alternate stylesheet I’m installing should help.

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