1. Yup. The “Family Guy” STV (Which is cheating really, because it wasn’t a custom-written script – it was just three TV unrelated TV episodes bookended with a stab at Fox) seems to be encouraging the industry

    But then again…. do we really want Futurama to continue? Sure it’s had more than it’s fair share of problems regarding scheduling, and it was one of the best animated shows ever created…. But don’t you think the ending was a wonderful job of rounding it off? Following on from that would be extremely tricky, and an episode set during the series (As has happened in other shows as an excuse to bring back dead/left characters) wouldn’t have the same impact, because you’d already know the outcome…

  2. That would be excellent, I remember the fun we used to have trying to find decent copies of that show back in the second year at uni. Btw post some piccies of your new flat!

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