Starting To Move

Many boxes are packed. Car is full of stuff. At 9am tomorrow, we start moving things. As stated before, all help is welcome!

This means that our internet connectivity is likely to be shaky for a few days, so, if you need us (or if something goes amiss: e.g. Abnib falls over, Dan & Alex fails to update, etc.), phone me rather than e-mailing or looking for me in the usual chat room. My contact details are on the “Where Is The Sharp?” page, along with our new address and other information.

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  1. […] Just like last time, I’ve come up with a convenient way to make available to you all our new address and phone number (yes, the phone number has changed) without too many crazy stalker types getting hold of it without excessive effort. Just do the “Where Is The Cottage?” quiz and you can get all the information you need – all you need to do to answer the quiz’s questions is know a little bit about The Place, where we lived previously. Off you go. […]

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