Dan’s Dingbats Challenge III

It’s back! Dan’s Dingbat Challenge III!

If you’ve not played Dan’s Dingbat Challenge before, you’d better go back and look at the first and second ones, and Andy’s one. Or just go look at the answers to my first and second ones. Or just give it a go.

I’ve made a few changes since last time:

  • There’s a nifty little JavaScript to automatically put your cursor into the box you have to type into, to save you having to click in it. You should now be able to play the whole game without touching the mouse.
  • I’m using incremental graphics, so even if you’re on a slow connection you should be able to make out (mostly) what the picture is, even before it’s loaded.
  • The penalty for wrong answers and skipped questions has been increased to 50 seconds, so it’s really worth your while to look at every one for a few seconds before giving up. As usual, there’ll be “half-marks” available for very close-but-not-quite-right answers.

3 replies to Dan’s Dingbats Challenge III

  1. 3 competitors so far, all of who’ve done pretty well… perhaps I’ve made the questions too easy…

    Ah well: still everything to play for!

  2. Works for me in both of those browsers, and more. Also seems to have worked for Ruth, Statto, and at least two other people. Suggest you check your web browser for holes and try again.

    The game uses sessional cookies to store state. If your firewall/proxy server or something is set to “intolerant-bastard-mode”, it may be rejecting these cookies out of sheer paranoia, which would cause the effect you’re noting. Are you running ZoneAlarm? Consider adding scatmania.org to your trusted sites list and try again. Failing that, you can always come round to The Flat and try it there.

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