The Abnib Real Ale Ramble 2005

Wow; there seems to be a lot of interest in the idea I just blogged. That’s brilliant!

Now there’s just the small matter of arranging how everybody who wants to go is going to get there, and where they’re going to stay once they have. To this end, I’ve set up a web page: The Abnib Real Ale Ramble 2005. Take a look there for the most up-to-date information about who’s going, where they’re staying, who needs lifts, who can give lifts, what’s going on, etc. etc.

Like Real Ale? Like walking around the Welsh hills in winter? Get involved! Yay!

Knightmare Night tonight! Double-yay!

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  1. I’ve been using Google Earth in two different places, and many people I know have it installed either. To the best of our knowledge, none of us have heard a peep out of Google about it. In fact, I don’t remember them ever even asking for our contact details.

  2. They don’t ask for your contact details for plain vanilla Google Earth…it’s the pro version, which costs $400 but you can ask for a 7-day trial of, which they give you a scary form for, covered in warnings advising you not to piss about if you’re a home user and go downloading it.

    Presumably no idea about the worhtwhileness, then!

  3. Why did you get the Pro Trial anyway? The regular version will have all the average Joe will need, and if you need the GPS support, the Plus version will suffice.

  4. I didn’t yet… It just claims to have “better resolution”, and the resolution over Newport, Shropshire and Oxford are both spectacularly crap, which is a little annoying because Cambridge is sufficiently good that I can identify colleges from above which is thrilling in the exact way use of such a crazy World-over-flying thing should be!

    I was hoping that you could attest one way or the other…as it is, I might risk having a ‘phone call from Google just to see…maybe.

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