Dan’s Dingbats Challenge I

Think you can think laterally: think again!

Remember Dingbats, that board game with the cards with the phrases on them, expressed through cleverly laid-out words and pictures (a bit like Catch Phrase, that old TV show [is that still running]). Well, anyway, it involves pictures a bit like this:

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The picture shows the word “somewhere” mysteriously suspended over a sylised rainbow. So what’s the phrase: “Rainbow under somewhere?” Not quite… it’s obviously “somewhere over the rainbow.”

So I’ve set up a challenge: 14 puzzles to challenge your lateral thinking. You’re against the clock, and you sacrifice 30 seconds for every wrong answer or passed question, so you’ve got to judge the challenge to suit you. I’ll publish the answers – and the high scorers – here in a day or two.

Go try Dan’s Dingbats Challenge I


7 replies to Dan’s Dingbats Challenge I

  1. Paul – don’t read the captions, then! Many of the dingbats shown are from cards in the board game, so don’t blame my imagination this time. =o)

    Ruth – doesn’t look like you’ve done *too* badly. Nobody’s got all of them, yet.

    Hayley – ah well. You’ll all kick yourself over the first one when you see the answer!

  2. Have started looking at the results, and it’s surprisingly close so far, with a handful of people (all scoring 6 to 9 in under five and a half minutes) jostling for the top spots. 9 is the highest number of correct answers so far, and 425 seconds (after penalties) is the best time so far.

    I’ll keep it running until this evening and then publish the answers and scores. The first dingbat is still the only one that nobody has managed to get.

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