9 Songs

Hmm. Watched 9 songs tonight at a special screening at the Arts Centre cinema.

A couple meet at a concert and go on to have lots of sex and go to other concerts. Their relationship is threatened at a point, when they stop having so much sex and start actually talking, at which point they realise that they don’t actually like each other, and she leaves it “at it’s best” to go back to America, while he goes to another concert and eventually on to Antarctica, where he drills holes in glaciers. And that’s it.

Good points
Some erotic scenes.
Reasonable to good soundtrack.
Nice idea.
Good attention to continuity and camera angles.
Only an hour long.

Bad points
Mostly sucky (read “bad”, not “with oral sex”) sex scenes with flat-chested woman and large-cocked man. I’ve seen better porn.
Difficult to empathise with the characters; or, in fact, feel any connection with them whatsoever.
Seemed to be telling a pretty good idea for a story in the worst way possible.
Scenes felt ‘disconnected’ and unrelated; like flicking back and forth between two film channels.
Filming styles varied from scene to scene, seemingly without purpose.

Andy seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps I just didn’t “get it”. Or perhaps it actually is just another mediocre-to-bad film which tries and fails to get some new ideas to happen.


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