Black Holes “Almost Certainly Don’t Exist”

A brave physicist claims that black holes don’t exist at all, but what we are interpreting as the existence of black holes – where stars have collapsed into tiny, superdense masses with an event horizon within which matter/energy escape is almost impossible – are actually… dark energy! (yes, yet another dark-matter/dark-energy claim)

It’s a good one, though, and helps explain a lot of things. His theory is that these dark holes, as they’re undoubtedly going to be called by the mass media, attract matter over spacetime on the “outside” of the event horizon, but repel it from the inside, transforming electrons into positrons as they leave, thereby causing radiation (as we see from suspected black holes, but wouldn’t expect) as they collide with matter in the dimensions we’re used to.

In any case, it’s a brave little theory which is also probably wrong. But you can read it on anyway.

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