More Old Blogposts Recovered

I achieved another success this morning in my effort to recover as much as possible of my personal life online into one place – I’ve managed to rediscover five ‘lost’ (and previously unread) weblog posts from April 2003. Folks who really want to might care to go back and read:

It’s getting harder to find sources of old electronic diary entries like these ones and publish them. But I’m genuinely considering trying to dig up some of my old paper-based diaries (the ones that haven’t been lost or burned) and archive them here for you all to see (high school crushes, fun and games at Preston College, eighteenth birthday [three pages or so of it!], starting University, becoming attached to Reb, breaking up with Reb [and all the stuff in-between] – I’ve got it all somewhere!) And where I’ve still got gaps, I might have to make a couple of posts to explain what I was doing in the interim, where I remember.

Doing this, I think I can get a pretty concise history of what I’ve been up to since about the summer of 1998, and perhaps a little further. Which will do.