ClaireMelton Wanted Even More Than MisterJTA

I’ve been playing around on RockMonkey a little much these last two days (it’s a wiki-based site I’ve helped Andy set up. Today, while browsing the WantedPages list (a list of pages that have been referenced by other pages but not yet defined) I noticed something interesting: the most-wanted entry is… ClaireMelton: eight pages reference my dear Claire, but nobody has dared to define her. More interesting still is that MisterJTA is also wanted, and the pages that reference him are as follows:

What a wonderful definition is sure to come from this start.

Meanwhile, I’m spending far too little time working, which means that I’ve got lots to do this Friday – servers to set up, code to write, clients to beat off with a stick… still; nearly the weekend now.

Went with Bryn and Claire last night, for the second of their three-day real ale festival. Tried a few fabulous brews, which was a nice distraction from all the things I’m supposed to be getting on with.

Back to it…


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