Wild Winter For Aberystwyth

Storm brewing over Aberystwyth harbour

All the usual old folks are saying that this winter could be even wetter and wilder than last year for Aberystwyth. We had a hailstorm come in from the sea, today, which battered quite marvellously at the front of our new sea-facing offices. The picture above was snapped just before it started to fall.

Opening the door out onto the sea… forcing myself out into the wind, pushing hard against me… and looking down towards the marina… I suddenly found myself reminiscingOne thousand… two thousand… three thousand… check canopy!

In other news:

  • Claire‘s started working for Game in Aberystwyth.
  • We’re all pretty much prepared to head up to Scotland this weekend for Kit and Fiona‘s wedding.
  • Bryn seems to be getting more and more stressed with the world in general.
  • I’ve been helping set up a new vserver for some friends and I, Big.McLargeHuge.

It’s all a little busy… but that’s the best way, really. Isn’t it?

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  1. Yes I plan to come back to Aber. I want to live somewhere nice where there is lots of nature but with all the other stuff that one needs in day to day life + low cost of living, and most importantly perhaps somewhere where I have friends. It sucks living somewhere where I don’t know anyone (my work colleagues all commute up from London).

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