That Time Of Year Again

Well; it’s that time of the year again… the time of year that I sell hot dogs and burgers to Freshers at the Freshers’ Fayre [this time last year], alongside Kit, who’s visiting for that purpose.

This year, I think we’re better prepared materially – as in, we’ve made preparations for if it rains, we’ve got all the equipment ready to pick up, etc. – but I think we’re less well-prepared in other aspects: for example, we didn’t think about a cash float until yesterday. It’ll all be fine, of course – I’m working with a great team who’ll pull everything together no matter what, and this day – the first day of the fayre – is rarely as busy as the other two: giving us a chance to make any alterations to our plans. Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel a little bit apprehensive. Ah well.