Illness, Alton Towers, And Troma Night

Found myself ill again on Wednesday and Thursday last week (in partial explanation to my lack of weblog posts). I think I gulped down some green-and-lumpy orange juice before I went to bed on Wednesday night and as a result found myself quite sick. Even after I’d recovered, I spent several days with almost no appetite at all. Eyrk.

Still went ahead with my plan to go to Alton Towers, though. On Friday, Claire, Paul and I braved the 6½+ hour round trip there and back. Bryn, sadly, chickened-out wasn’t able to come, so we gave away our second free ticket (using, as we were, buy-one-get-one-free vouchers) to somebody at the gate (it’s amazing how mistrusting people are: “We’ve got too many tickets,” I said, “Who wants a free one?”… it took awhile before we got a volunteer!).

Air is a good ride (I hadn’t been there since it opened). The rest of the park remained good, as always. Claire won a stuffed toy white lion from a guy who couldn’t guess the month of her birth (he guessed November, which is what we’ve now named the lion). Paul spent most of the day taking off his glasses (to go on the rides) and putting them on again (in order to see again). A good day was has by all.

Oh, and Troma Night was good, too.


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