Bizzare Definitions That Come From Weird Conversations

Claire and I came up with the following definition:

Quamplicated [adj.] – being or relating to a thought about something on your person or some sensation that, by nature of thinking about it, alters the target of the thought.

All of last week I’ve been seeing people who are leaving. Yeh, I know, I ought to be used that by now, but it seems somehow more final now I’m graduating, too. I’ll still not-see them just as much, but in this case it feels like it’s my doing or something. I don’t know…

…in any case, my head’s full of Cambrian cocktails: we had a gathering in their party room, upstairs, and ate vodka jelly. We played kiddy games and drank adult drinks. Then we played adult games. Ahem.

Can anybody else remember which subspecies of camel is which? Or where the word ‘lesbian’ comes from? Fascinating.

I feel funny. And I have less beard (and so look less like a coconut).


  1. Anonymous Coward Anonymous Coward says:

    Lesbians! Lesbian is a word that’s come down to us from the Greek isle of Lesbos; there was a woman there, at one point, called Saphos – a poet, possibly – who fancied women (or at least, is said to have) and thus made sure she only let women come onto the island. These women were known as lesbians, ‘cos they lived on Lesbos. And shagged other women.

    Pretty sure that’s it, anyway.

  2. Mister JTA Mister JTA says:

    I’m not an anonymous coward! I just forgot to put my name down. Must’ve got carried away in all the, the, er, lesbonic excitement. :s

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Giving it the hump.

    Dromedary has one.
    Bactrian has two.

    If you put the D and B on their flat side they make the one and two humps that they pertain to.


  4. Dan Q Dan Q says:

    B-Humps… D-Humps (And Double-D Humps?)

    That’s perhaps the coolest memory aid thingy (what do you call them, again?) I’ve ever seen.

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