The Matrix: Revolutions

Watched The Matrix: Revolutions last night at the Commodore. It was pretty much what I expected: great special effects and a less impressive plot than all of it’s prequels – improved only by having experienced the plot ‘asides’ of the comic books and stories and by the (sucky) computer game and (great) Animatrix. Unfortunatley I ‘saw it all coming’. Perhaps I am The Oracle?

Nevertheless – for those of you who’ve seen it – I can imagine the conversation now:

“This fight scene is perhaps the most ambitious and beautifully-choreographed use of computer graphics ever.”
“Hmm… it’s not quite… enough…”
“The computers only took a few weeks to draw it all. Let’s increase the render time. Do the whole thing again, but this time in the rain.
[sounds of visual effects technitians hitting the floor]


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