The Matrix: Revolutions

Watched The Matrix: Revolutions last night at the Commodore. It was pretty much what I expected: great special effects and a less impressive plot than all of it’s prequels – improved only by having experienced the plot ‘asides’ of the comic books and stories and by the (sucky) computer game and (great) Animatrix. Unfortunatley I ‘saw it all coming’. Perhaps I am The Oracle?

Nevertheless – for those of you who’ve seen it – I can imagine the conversation now:

“This fight scene is perhaps the most ambitious and beautifully-choreographed use of computer graphics ever.”
“Hmm… it’s not quite… enough…”
“The computers only took a few weeks to draw it all. Let’s increase the render time. Do the whole thing again, but this time in the rain.
[sounds of visual effects technitians hitting the floor]

Some Days You’re The Statue; Some Days You’re The Pigeon

I’m at the office. It’s almost 5pm. So far today I’ve achieved what should be estimated as approximately 7 days work. Some days the code just flows. I like being me.

On the other hand, it may be that I’ve just written the wrong 7 days worth of code – as in; the 7 days worth of code I should be starting next week. Despite having achieved the entirety of my work schedule for the next month, I haven’t yet finished what I was supposed to be doing this morning.

My boss is pretty level-headed and appreciates the way I work, though – that if he doesn’t expect me to do things in the order he asks, and he doesn’t mind that some days I achieve nothing but surfing the web and posting to my blog, and that other days are like this one, with immense productivity. I’m an outlier even by software engineering standards. I’m a bit of a loose cannon. But in any case; I’m worth more than he’s paying me and we both know it, and neither of us care terribly, so everything’s pretty damn sweet.

Got my assignment in on time. Think I’ve done it quite well (actually went to the library and read old journals and books and things – very scary and academic and cool at the same time: after all; it’s just about possible to pass a comp. sci degree with Google as your primary reference). Time will tell.

Chez Geek night tonight at the Ship. Looking forward to it.