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Cottage Pie

This morning, while picking up my microwavable Cottage Pie from Somerfield (the best microwave meal I’ve ever had – it’s really quite good considering that it’s re-heated mincemeat and dehydrated mashed potato), I noticed a new product – a similar item but in a slightly smaller container, as part of their “So Good” range. Upon examining the back of the packet, I realised that the major differences by weight ratio were that the “So Good” version – apparently better for you – had very slightly less salt, potato and onion, and worcester sauce added. It seems that the biggest reason this new product is better for you than the old one – and worthy of an increased price tag once it’s introductory special offer expires – is that there isn’t so much of it. I’ll be sticking with my normal cottage pie, thanks.

While I’m busy complaining, why is it that I have to work somewhere that’s to the East of where I live, which means that when I cycle to work in the morning the sun is in my eyes, and it’s still blinding me when I cycle back home in the evening? Bring on the winter, I say! Back to the blizzards and the short daylight hours when I was able to cycle both directions in the dark with no lights on. That’s the way forward!


Outside my office window is a large field, which several months ago was divided into three smaller fields, each of which was planted with a different mixture of grass and some other leafy plant. Yesterday, half a dozen sheep with large numbers sprayed onto their flanks were moved into each of these partitions. This morning, a number of postgraduate researchers from the Department of Rural Studies moved in and watched them for awhile. I’m told this is an experiment to see which food the sheep prefer. It’s still quite amusing to watch while I really should be working. I have lots of work to do.

I see that The Register is onto it’s third story relating to the VeriSign/DNS issue I mentioned the other day. It’s good to read that the internet community is ‘fighting back’. In addition, today’s UserFriendly has a sweet and subtle parody of the current ‘wildcard DNS’ situation. Geek humour only.

Term starts in just a few more days. I’m excited and glad to be returning to academia ‘properly’ again – and actually planning to get a degree at the end of this year. So long as I can keep my finances sweet, it’ll all be great.