Review of Oxford University Babylab

This review of Oxford University Babylab originally appeared on Google Maps. See more reviews by Dan.

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Not only are the team here doing fascinating and important research… they’re great at engaging and supporting the kids they use as the subjects of their experiments, too! They ‘borrowed’ one of ours for research on language development and the experiments seemed as stimulating and interesting to the little tot as they were useful to the understanding of the human brain, we were kept informed about everything all the way along, and our kid even got to choose a toy at the end of it (which, three years on, she still has and loves).

If you’re willing to volunteer your baby’s time for the betterment of science but were concerned about the environment in which you’d be doing so, let this review dispel that.

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Review of Sainsbury’s Bank ATM

This review of Sainsbury's Bank ATM originally appeared on Google Maps. See more reviews by Dan.

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2 cash machines. Not much queuing space (occupied by trolley park) but at least it’s under cover. “Pick up/drop off” spaces adjacent useful, if free, but often occupied during store opening hours so you’re likely to need to use the main car park if you’re flying-by. Been targetted by card skimmers at least once (a friend had his card cloned by one that was later traced to here); not good CCTV coverage.

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