v108 will be the first version to have the potential to support ANY private subreddit. Applications welcome to be among the first subs to get this feature.

This self-post was originally posted to /r/MegaMegaMonitor. See more things from Dan's Reddit account.

I’ve got all of the core code written for v108, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all. But first, I’d like to find mods from one or more private subs of which I’m not a member who’d like to be guinea pigs for a new feature.

This new feature will, at long last, allow icons, encrypted messages, and all of the other fabulous features you love to be used on private subreddits even if I’m not personally a member of them. From the serious (/r/top? /r/centuryclub?) to the silly (/r/dragonlounge?) and even to fringe outliers (/r/MegaLounge2), this feature could be yours. I’m already talking to the /r/NinjaLounge / /r/PirateLounge folks.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You invite /u/MegaMegaMonitorBot into your private sub
  2. You let me know (some day I’ll automate this step by having /u/MegaMegaMonitorBot let me know)

MegaMegaMonitorBot can then see the membership list for your sub, and can thus – for MMM users – let them “see” one another anywhere around Reddit. So it’s basically the same as regular MegaMegaMonitor, except you don’t need to invite me personally into your sub.

The observant among you might note that, if I were the unscrupulous type, I could log in as /u/MegaMegaMonitorBot and snoop upon whatever it is that you say there. I suppose that’s true, just as it is with any bot that you grant access to your sub. But on the other hand: if I were malicious, I’d already have seen such content by abusing the trust of the people in your sub who’ve installed MMM already. Just sayin’. Anyway: the key thing is, it’s up to you. I think that this has the potential to add real value to many kinds of private subs, and I’d love for people to have the chance to make use of it.

Not a mod? Tell the mods of the subs you’re in!

tl;dr: next version of MegaMegaMonitor will be able to support private subs of which I’m not personally a member: mods who want to do this should invite /u/MegaMegaMonitorBot and then contact me; non-mods should pester their mods.

Some possible ninja recruits

This self-post was originally posted to /r/NinjaLounge. See more things from Dan's Reddit account.

I’ve found a few people who’ve got ninja-related names and so might be particularly amenable to the idea of being recruited to the noble ranks of the /r/NinjaLounge. I haven’t looked any of them up, yet, but here are the links in case anybody else wants to:

The following people, on the other hand, might make better pirates, the dirty scum:

I’ll leave it to others to investigate each of these people and decide where they belong!