Icons all disappeared after the v106 release? My bad, sorry…

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To fix it, (1) delete MMM from your Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey scripts list, then (2) restart your browser, then (3) install MMM again. Most people can get away with fewer steps than this, but this three-step approach should work for everybody.

Hi all!

So apparently everything broke for a lot of people after I released v106. The problem was the combination of two things:

  1. v100 broke the auto-updater.
  2. v100 also broke the error message that was supposed to appear if the auto-updater was broken and #3 happened.
  3. v106 changed the format that the data was passed around in, which invalidated earlier versions that were still “out there”. It repaired #2, though!

The combination of these two factors meant that people running v100, v102, or v104 will have ended up “stuck” on those versions, and won’t even have gotten error messages to tell them that the data format had changed and they needed to update.

I’ve remotely-fixed #1 as of yesterday, so everything should fix itself for anybody who’s still affected. Sorry it took longer than it should have to do that, though: I’ve had a nasty stomach bug this week.

Everything should now be okay for everybody, and I’m going to be getting started on all-new features in about a week and a half, of which the principal new feature will be tools to allow MegaMegaMonitor to work on private subreddits that I’m not a member of (with permission from the mods of that sub). Updates, as usual, on /r/MegaMegaMonitor.

Thanks for the well-wishes, all.