Gilded ents who should be considered for admission…

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Hi! I’m /u/avapoet, and if you know about me already it’s probably because you’re using MegaMegaMonitor, a browser plugin that enables you to, among other things, spot other gilded ents elsewhere on Reddit by the “universal flair” gold cannabis leaf they carry (note that only gilded ents get to see other gilded ents: no secrets between frients, right?).

I’ve just been doing some data processing off the back of the MegaMegaMonitor engine, and I’d like to suggest that the following ents be considered for membership here, based on their being gilded in a tree-related sub (there shouldn’t be anybody in this list who’s already here, but if there is – sorry! – however there may be duplicates within this list). It’s a LONG list – far too long for a message (max 10,000 characters) and too long even for a self-post like this (max 15,000 characters), so I’ll share it with you in the comments to this post. That way, /u/green_euphoria, /u/Elderthedog, /u/BassInMyFace and /u/jamacianbagpipemetal can – I don’t know – upvote them to mark them as processed, or something. Or comment on them. Or whatever.

“Tree-related subs” for the purpose of this search were those found listed here, minus e.g. /r/explainlikeimfive which isn’t really tree-related and /r/ReligEnts, /r/Sprouts, /r/boxBritannica, /r/enTOR, /r/entsnyc, and others which are private (and I’m not a member). I also rejected /r/leaves, because most of those folks wouldn’t appreciate being invited in here anyway, I imagine!

I’m not telling you how to run your sub, by the way – far from it. I just think that this community could enjoy a little growth (and not just of the fresh green buddy variety), and wanted to make it easier for the mods to make that happen.

Right: on the the comments…

Edit: Okay; all the comments are there now. Have fun!

Edit2: I’ve been made into a mod, so that I can help trawl through this list and get everybody added! It’s going to take a few days (mostly because Reddit won’t let me add more than a hundred without then taking a few hours break!) but I’ll get there.

Edit3: 1,014 contributors now in our sub (up from ~600 when I started). 512 left to add.

Edit4: 1,314 contributors now in our sub. No more than 213 left to add. And wow; there’s more traffic here than before, mostly in the form of “dude, what is this place?” posts.

Edit5: We’re done! The backlog is cleared! Welcome to /r/gildedtrees, new folks!