Return From The Real Ale Ramble (and upcoming Abnib Events)

Real Ale Ramble 2007

Well, the Real Ale Ramble was fabulous as always. Particularly wet and muddy, especially on the first day, this year, but good visibility, so we got to see a lot of the beautiful mid-Wales countryside. Thanks to getting lost on the first day and walking a lot longer than we’d planned, I ended up walking in the region of 30 miles plus altogether, and Claire walked even further, doing a medium-length walk on the second day, too. JTA and are managed to beat Norman around Route C on the second day, which is a first (Norman is a 78-year-old who walks with a cane yet somehow manages to get around any walk we participate in faster than us… until now).

JTA and Claire rambling through the woods  Ruth climbs a very small hill and claims a tree JTA and Claire at Beer Station C

Oh, and after my trousers got soaking wet on the first day they began to chafe quite badly, which – in the cold – I didn’t realise until I took my trousers off and noticed that both my legs were bleeding. Sorry for the shitty-resolution photo and for the fact that I cleaned up this particular wound as much as possible "in the field" before thinking to take a picture for the record.

Bloody leg

But altogether, it was a fantastic weekend away. As far as the beer’s concerned, I can particularly recommend Special-O, from Otley Brewing Company, which is the most delicious beer of it’s strength I’ve ever tasted, Berserker from Hebredian, a remarkably fruity Scottish brew, and Aur Cymru from local Heart Of Wales Brewery as clear favourites of mine.

Oh, and here’s the obligatory "JTA falling asleep in pub after long walk" photo:

JTA asleep in the Neuadd Arms

Troma Night & Buffy Night

So now we’re back in Aber, which is nice, and I thought I’d share those pictures with you. We even had our very own "Troma Night On Location" out in Llanwrtyd Wells, and watched Goldeneye. Nobody’s blogged about whether Troma Night happened back here in Aber, too, yet, so I haven’t a clue. All I know is that next Troma Night will be similarly hosted by somebody other than Claire and I, as we’ll be in York (with, yes again, Ruth and JTA).

On, and there’ll be a Buffy Night this week: Thursday at 7pm at The Cottage.