Apology, Troma Night Update, Etc.

Damnit, I wrote a blog post and didn’t save it as I was going along (mistake one) and then closed the browser without posting it (mistake two). It’s kind-of demotivating, and I can’t be arsed to write it all again in full. So here’s the much, much shortened version of what I’ve been up to and what’s happening this weekend:

Last week: Me. Grumpy. Apologies. Head of cold. Not so arsey now. Woohoo.

Weekend: Claire away with Sundeep.

Friday: Quizzlecrawl. Tom + Amy = Brilliant. Richard III vs. MacBeth. Very close. Richard III lost. Grr.

Saturday: Troma Night. LolliLove. Star Trek V (RiffTrax). Hairspray. Virgins: Selina, Elizabeth. Fantastic.

Sunday: Lounging. Chilling out. Ruth. JTA. Paul. Roast boar. Roast everything. Digesting. Nom nom nom. Geek Night. Rory. Elizabeth again. BGA. Top Gear (too many cars).

This week and coming weekend: No Buffy Night =o(. Troma Night @ Rory’s ‘cos Claire, JTA, Ruth & I at Real Ale Ramble.

Consider yourselves updated.