Poultrygeist (Unofficial) UK Premiere – Sunday!

Guess which mind-blowingly fabulous, as-yet-unreleased film I got to watch last night? Only Troma‘s newest film, Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead! Oh yeah, baby.

I’ve promised I wouldn’t spoil the plot or any of the cooler surprises for anybody, but I did want to share a few fun facts with you:

  1. The movie scores on pretty-much every rule of Ruleset T of the Troma Night drinking rules. The September 11th references, the dismemberment, the stereotypes, the ADR, the child abuse, the gore effects made from household ingredients, the non-vanilla sex scenes… even the Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. car flip… they’re all in there! Plus, I’m pretty sure that of all the in-house Troma films, this one has the most nipples visible at once, at one point, of any of them.

  2. Lloyd Kaufman himself has a significant role in the movie. Not just one of his typical "bit parts," but a proper speaking… hell; a singing role. And he’s actually pretty good.

  3. Then there’s the rest of the cast: Caleb Emerson (Dex Diaper from Citizen Toxie), Joe Fleishaker (Toxie’s sidekick Lardass), Ron Jeremy (Captain Orgazmo‘s arch-nemesis), Motorhead’s Lemmy and other Troma favourites are all back together, joined by friends like Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of South Park fame, among other things).

  4. Oh, and it rocks.

Better yet, there’s a chance for you too see it at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre – plus a chance to meet the director! – as part of the Abertoir film festival this week. There’s a once-only showing of Poultrygeist at 8pm on Sunday 4th November (that’s this coming Sunday!).

If you come to Troma Night on Saturday you’ll hear me go on about how great it is then, too. Go get yourself a ticket, already.