Fictional Twinning

Claire‘s birthday trip to Manchester was a success last weekend; saw some good comedy, drank ’til late at a gay bar which has to be the only pub I’ve ever seen to have a balcony overlooking the middle of a multi-storey car park, and spent most of Sunday recovering. It’s not like being 21: staying up 7am to 3am and getting into the pub by mid-afternoon hurts the following day. Maybe I’m getting old.

We stayed at my mum’s house, as she’d vacated it to go to Somerset. She was apparently staying in a town called Wincanton, which has an unusual characteristic. It’s one of only two towns I’ve seen to be twinned with a fictional place (it’s twinned with Ankh-Morpork). The other is, of course, Westerburg, which is twinned with Daventry.

This week we’ve kept ourselves busy with ongoing QParty organisation. We posted out the first half-or-thereabouts of the invitations this morning, to the people we know the addresses for. Would you believe that in the entirety of Aberystwyth it’s impossible to buy C5-size envelopes with a window?

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