Wanted: Replacement Girlfriend, Temporary Position

A temporary position has become available for the position of girlfriend for the 18th-20th May 2007. The current post holder is taking academic leave at this time and will unfortunately be unable to undertake her duties for the weekend.

Duties include:

  • Attending a Meatloaf concert in Glasgow on the Friday night
  • Ticket availability permitting, attending the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Preston on Saturday and/or Sunday
  • Assisting Dan in finding a venue for The Q Party, due to take place later this year

The ideal candidate will be free for the weekend in question and have an interest in the activities listed. Accomodation and transportation will be provided. There is no obligation to provide the… ahm… additional services offered by the current post holder.

Dan is an equal oppertunities employer and, despite the title of the position, will consider candidates of either gender for the role.

But seriously: now that Claire can’t (she’s got exams), who wants to come to a few live music events with me? Aberites,  Prestonians, and pretty much anybody else are equally welcome to apply.