Oakwood Last Minute Arrangements Plus RBDA Night Accounce

Don’t forget, Oakwooders – meet at The Cottage at 8:15am or at the train station car park at 8:30am if you’re travelling from Aberystwyth, or meet at the enterance to the Crystal Maze Cyberdrome at Oakwood if you’re travelling from elsewhere. If you don’t have my mobile number, get it. I can’t make calls or send texts right now (I owe Orange a hundred pounds or so and I haven’t gotten around to paying it) but I’ll be able to receive calls all day to check on locations and stuff.

Red Black Dwarf Adder Night is still scheduled for 7pm, but even if we’re running late on the way back you’ll be able to get in courtesy of our new furry ginger pet. He’s well-trained and able to operate the front door.