Further Upcoming Events For Aberites

So what’s happening this week?

  • Tuesday, 7pm (tonight) – the latest episode of Heroes, after it’s hiatus, has broadcast, and I’ve got a nice HDTV copy of it. Want to get together and see it? It’s just the one episodes, but if folks feel that way inclined, we might drift into a Jeramiah episode or two thereafter… unless you’ve got revision to do…

  • Wednesday, 7pmRed Black Dwarf Adder Night II – we’ll be watching the second series of Red Dwarf and finishing the first series of Blackadder. We’re going to be keeping a mighy pace of two a week with Red Black Dwarf Adder Night in order to ensure we get though every episode of both TV series by the end of term (especially for those of you that are students!).

  • Saturday, 8pm – Troma Night CLXXIV – the usual early start for those who want to see Doctor Who, before we watch Falling Down (which, owing to a tied vote and a coin toss, we didn’t see last Troma Night), a short surprise film I’ll be providing, and whatever else we can think of.

  • Sunday, 8:30am – as mentioned last week, we’ll be leaving nice and early for our Oakwood Theme Park and Crystal Maze Cyberdrome trip.

Usual deal. Hope to see you there.

Who Brought The Weather?

A fortnight of glorious weather, and the very moment that the students return and term starts again, it begins to rain. Did somebody forget to leave the rainclouds at home with mum and dad?