Plans For The Weekend

Paul‘s outlined the plans for the weekend, but I’ll repeat and elaborate on them here for the benefit of anybody who might read my blog but not his (who is that, anyway?). And ‘cos people are probably used to me announcing this kind of crap by now.

  • Visitors – There are people visiting! Jen‘s brother, Gareth, and Liz are all expected to appear at some point (Jen’s brother’s in town already, sources indicate).

  • Friday, 7pmHot Fuzz at the Commodore Cinema. As far as I know, we’re still looking for somebody to volunteer to stand in the queue to ensure that everybody who wants tickets gets them.

  • Saturday, midday – Meet at the top of Pen Dinas at noon for a surprise random Paul-kind-of event. No, none of us have a clue what it is, either. Claire and I will be leaving The Cottage at about 11:15am and picking up Jimmy from Mill Street on the way past, if anybody wants to walk with us. Apparently this event will only take a few minutes, after which – particularly if it’s cold – we could retire into The Fountain for a sly early-afternoon pint before we get on with whatever else we’re doing with the day. If you want to join Claire and I, be at The Cottage by 11am!

  • Saturday, 8pmTroma Night at The Cottage. With the extra anticipated visitors, I’ll be putting out more chairs, but ther’s still likely to be a fight for the softest seats and those with the best view: bring a cushion if you’re running late. A St. Patrick’s Day theme has been proposed, but it’s Paul’s birthday, so he’s got final say, and we’re currently looking at Dark Side Of The Rainbow (The Wizard Of Oz set to the tune of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon – it’s quite remarkable: if you haven’t seen it before, don’t read anything about it, as we feel you’ll appreciate it better that way), Serial Mom (on Ele’s recommendation), and something else yet to be finalised.

  • Sunday, 10am – Gather at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre for a free screening of a mystery film, courtesy of Paul and Gareth (not gay variety).

  • Sunday, early afternoon – Sunday lunch at some pub, anybody? Call me or drop by The Cottage about Sunday midday if you want to join in. I’ll be working with Gareth (not, not, not gay variety) most of the day, and if we aren’t distracted by food and beer, we’ll just keep on hacking.
  • Sunday, 7pmCrystal Maze Night at The Cottage. We’ll be finishing off the first series and getting started on the second, so BYOB and be ready to cheer for the most retarded team members.

Now you can’t say I didn’t tell you.