Wanted: Wingman

Wanted: Tech Support Wingman For Student Skills Competition

Owing to a change in career plans by the previous position holder, a vacancy has opened for a Tech Support Wingmanf for the 2007 Student Skills Competition. The successful applicant will ideally be a confident computer user and a good communicator, and be comfortable with working in a backstage environment. First-hand experience of the Student Skills Competition would be an advantage.

Your role will be in assisting Dan Q with the running of the technical elements of the Student Skills Competition, including: shouting at students who run through the “forbidden zone” between the projector and the back of the screen, shouting at students who try to make ammendments to their presentations 5 minutes before they’re performing, shouting at students who give us useless cue points, shouting at students who write their entire presentation in Powerpoint using Comic Sans MS and with stupid fucking pointless sound effects and animations. Oh, and also helping to run the thing. It’s fun, honest.

The contract is for a fixed-term position covering exactly two days: Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st. There is a token payment available, but you’ll be working mostly for love and maybe a book token, not money (although winning teams may offer to buy you a beer for your help, too).

Apply or ask questions by blog comments or by e-mail. The closing date for applications is midday on Friday 16th March.