Away For The Weekend

Apparently I’m giving a presentation at 9am tomorrow morning in Keele about a bit of software I’ve been working on. Suppose I ought to pull my finger out and decide what I’m going to say.

In any case, this of course means that Troma Night this week will be hosted by Paul (if it’s on at all – apparently lots of folks are out of town or otherwise engaged).

In my absence, here’s some things to keep you amused:

  • Andy‘s put a fab lateral thinking puzzle on his blog. Shouldn’t tax an experienced puzzler too hard, but it’s good for keeping your brain warm for a few minutes, at least.

  • Think love is too complicated? I was tickled recently by the very charming Simple Guide to Relationships ("I said simple, not easy!"). Smart tips for all kinds of relationships.

  • There’s a new Japanese device that plans to revolutionise ear-picking: no more of the "fumbling around with an ear bud, trying not to puncture your eardrum." Only in Japan could somebody invent this and not get laughed at.

  • And finally, The Daily Mail have a fantastic interview and pictures from the skydiver who fell 15,000ft without a working parachute and landed on thorny bushes the other week. He recounts accepting his fate and "waving bye to the helmet-mounted camera" once he reached about 550ft. Cool and then some.

Have a great weekend, y’all.