Abnib Breaks Stuff, Fixes Stuff, Keeps Ticking

As you might have seen, the new version of abnib went live this afternoon. Just so I don’t keep getting the same comments over and over:

  • Right now, it’s a little fixated on the PST time zone. I’m not sure why this is, but I’ll fix this soon.

  • For some reason, it’s silently rejecting all applications for a username and password.

  • There’s no link to Abnib Gallery.

What’s new?

  • If you’re logged in (hah!) you can block posts by author. Later there may be other ways to filter and prioritise posts.

  • It automatically refreshes as new posts come in. No longer do you need to keep whacking "refresh" every time you get bored: if you’ve got JavaScript enabled, it’ll quietly check for new posts in the background and pick them up and make them appear on the page.

  • It integrates with the as-yet unreleased new Troma Night website, so you can see where and when the next Troma Night is at all times. Yeah, and this updates itself without refreshing too.

  • It’s prettier. I liked the old theme, but I know it wasn’t to everybody’s tastes, and the "it’s ugly" people were louder than the "it’s pretty" people.

  • A couple of extra features that you can’t see because you can’t log in yet, either. Ahem. Will fix that soon, then.