Mobile In Scotland

I’m posting this from my mobile phone from a youth hostel in Scotland. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for any predictive-text-based typos!

Snow conditions are reasonable, but gale-force winds closed the mountain so we haven’t actually managed to do any skiing yet. Instead we’ve spent today cantering about the countryside on horseback, firing arrows from bows, and climbing around a series of Aberdyfi-like high ropes courses. Rope burns aside, all great fun; and odds are good we’ll get to hit the slopes tomorrow.

Two very strange dreams recently. In the first, I was a human embodiment of the tree of knowledge from the Genesis story (yes, a dream in which I had memories of being a tree), come to Earth to warn people of a coming end time, but only a handful of people believed me. In the second, friends and I were at a comedy show at which Hayley was performing. She was extremely good. Then, later, I ended up having sex with Jen.

Comments that say I’m fucked up very welcome and already anticipated.

Edited 17th Feb: updated on a PC to add links and fix formatting.