Happy Birthday To Me! Again!

Thanks are due to my Mum, my Dad, and my Aunty Anne for the lovely birthday cards I’ve just received from them. Also to my mum for my birthday present (some Wii nunchucks), a christmas card, two forwarded letters from Nominet, and a copy of Hoodwinked. Additional thanks go to my dad for the two business reports and for the stack of CDs, whose contents I’ll look at as soon as I get the chance.

Also thanks to the mystery person who sent me a parcel late in November. Sadly I may never know what it was or who you are, because it has since been returned to sender or possibly destroyed by the post office.

So why all this sudden influx of post? Well, it turns out that last year, not knowing my address for certain, my mum guessed. The address she guessed was the address of an unoccupied building up the street (except she’d also put the wrong postcode), where my post has been collecting for several months (except for the parcel that was returned to the post office on 31st November and abandoned). More helpfully yet, she seems to have told my entire immediate and distant family her guess, too.

So; thank you all, even mum, you silly old pasty.

And Here’s The Weather

Just wanted to be the first to get a picture online of it snowing in Aber this morning. It started about 6:50am, and it’s pouring down at a steady rate and is just beginning to stick to the ground. Clicky for big pics.

Snow 1 Snow 2