Plans For The Weekend

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Abnibbers and Troma Knights: I present to you… some of this weekend’s events.

Friday Night: Post-Exam Curry

Have you had exams this week? Well, sucks to be you. But it’s all over now – come out with us for a curry and we’ll pretend it never happened. Paul‘s behind this one, but if you’re looking for synchronisation so you don’t arrive when we’re done eating, it’s me you’ll want to call. I can’t send texts at the moment, so give me a bell if you’re coming along. Yum.

Update: 8pm, Spice of Bengal. See you there!

Saturday Night: Troma Night and DanceSoc

Troma Night this week will be held at Bryn’s Place (i.e. where Paul lives). It kicks off, however, at 8pm at the Arts Centre, where the classic "Gremlins" is showing.

Why is Paul hosting this week? ‘Cos Claire and I (accompanied by Beth and Jimmy) are at Diversion at The Bay. Which you can come to if you prefer. Up to you. They’ll both be fun nights: one will have a horde of rampaging monsters with a dehydration problem, and the other will involve watching Gremlins.

Sunday Night: Gorilla Monsoon

And I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about Gorilla Monsoon which is on at the Coopers Arms at 8pm on Sunday night. I’ll be your supporting act, and there’s three funny-sounding comics coming all the way from… well, Cardiff… to please and tease you.

Now you can’t say I didn’t tell you.