Ick. It’s been years since I was last unwell enough to justify two successive days off work: I’m usually a hardy bugger against infections and whatnot. I blame the snotty group of freshers I was talking to at the weekend: I was feeling a little slow-of-thought and sniffly on Monday, but went into work anyway, which was probably my mistake (if I’ve infected any of you at SmartData, I’m really sorry!).

Yesterday I had a really nasty sore throat, headaches, and shivers, so I took the day off work and tried to be productive in other ways, such as tidying up the living room, with very limited success. Today I’m feeling a little better – road to recovery – but I’m still shivery and snotty and I’ve lost my voice too. Bugger.
Shit; now I’ve missed the bin lorry ‘cos I couldn’t find the energy to pick up the bin bags in time. Or any trousers. Urgh.