Grr! Money!

After getting myself all pleased that the first of the month was coming and I’d have some money to pay the rent, the bills (phone/ADSL got disconnected this morning; BT are unreasonable cunts), etc., guess what – I’m exactly as poor as I was yesterday.

Fucking shitty wank arse buggery. I’m owed £300 by a client, over £1700 by an employer, £150 by the council… a veritable fortune, right now. I’ve got more work to do (worth another £600ish) for a client who’ll (thank the cosmos) pay promptly, but I’m going to have to work on it from my office on evenings/weekends because I can’t get internet access there for the time being! It feels immensely frustrating to have over £2750 eternally just “days away”, while, simultaneously, cunty wanky creditors are breathing down my neck. Grr!!!

(takes deep breath)

Right – that rant aside – Aber’s fun and full of snow, between periods of spring sunshine, which is nice (Claire and I were plodging through snow last night, and the hills were caked in it today). I like snow, and it’s particularly fun to get it in March after a snowless winter.