Angry Saudi Protesters

In the style of her comic, The Aber Effect, and in the light of recent protests about the religious implications of a comic, Claire has made a marvellous one-framer, shown below:

Angry Saudi Protester Against Free Speech, by Claire

Much thanks to Claire for allowing me to publish this online.


Curry At All Spice – TONIGHT!

Curry at Cafe All Spice tonight. All welcome. Geek Night moved to Sunday this week. Jon, Hayley, and TGB in town. Time not yet certain, so meet at The Place during the evening or get a message to Claire or I and we’ll let you know when we know… but it’s likely to be about 9pm (when TGB expects to arrive in town). Also; keep an eye on this blog post for updates.

Be there, or be sober and hungry.

Special instructions –

In actual news, Abnib Gallery now carries 877 photos. My efforts to keyword/caption them all is going slowly, so if you want to help, please do (just sign up an account on the site then contact me to get your permissions sorted out).

What Might Have Been

You’ve all seen nanofiction before (which must, of course, have no more than 55 words of text plus no more than 7 words of title in it), as is used in games like Chrononauts and some of the other Geek Night favourites, but I’ve only recently discovered the idea of a drabble – a work of fiction totalling exactly 100 words.

I thought I’d share with you all a drabble written by a friend of mine (she’s put it only in places it’s hard to find, so I’m duplicating rather than linking).

From the day we were born, my twin sister was always the one people noticed. In our first photograph, just hours after our birth, she looked rosy, while I looked pale, like a wax doll. She grew into a beautiful and talented young woman – her singing voice was quite something to behold. I have no doubt that my mother loved me – although my father’s discomfort and disappointment in me was fairly blatant – but I remained something that was discussed as little as possible. I didn’t want to envy my beloved sister. If only I had been born alive, too.

© Faye L Booth 2005 – used with permission – no unauthorised reproduction, in whole or part

Fabulous, I thought, and so I got permission to share it with you lot, too.