Wanted: One “Link”

Wanted: one competent video games player with free time on Saturday daytimes (and probably at other points during the week) to waste a couple of dozen hours over the next few weeks playing The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures alongside me, Claire and JTA. We’ve come into possession of (or will have, very soon) a copy of the game, a gamecube, four gameboy advances (or SPs), link cables, etc. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to kick off this coming Saturday afternoon.

Why do we want you? Because Zelda: Four Swords is blatantly best-played with four simultaneous co-operative players making a collaborative effort to save hyrule/banish demons/rescue Princess Zelda/whatever the plot is this time around. This game is getting good-to-great reviews, but every reviewer is saying that it’s best to play with the full gameboy/four-player affair, so we’ve decided that this is what we’re going to do!

Why is this game special? Well; it’s a truly co-operative RPG which feeds upon the puzzle-solving and co-ordination abilities of a group of people. It’s fluffy and friendly. And, coolest of all, it really does make use of the four (eek!) GBAs we’ll be throwing at it… if your character is seperated from the rest of the party, the adventure continues on your own little screen, right in the palm of your hands, until you can rejoin the main TV screen. Secret voting on each other’s performance, puzzles which require synchronised efforts on the part of the team members, and other goodies, make this a very promising little game.


You probably have to like Zelda games, or, at least, the idea of them.
You’ll need to drag your arse around to The Place to play it with the rest of the group on a regular basis (schedule to be determined), or we’ll happily replace you with somebody more interested.

Want to join our ragtag band (or even come along early for Troma Night and spectate/shout abuse/complain that “it’s not like the Zelda games you remember – that’ll be you, Paul)? Let me know. And may the triforce be with you.