Off To Barcelona (Via Preston)

Claire (on a new blog!) and I are off to Barcelona, via Preston (for a concert by an orchestra & a fireworks display at Houghton Tower, as we did a couple of years back). Here’s the usual series of updates for everybody who remains:

  • Troma Night is on this and next Saturday. Sort it out between yourselves. I’ll be leaving a key to The Flat with JTA, most likely.
  • Naruto Night is off. Damned if I’m missing any Gantz. In related news, I have episodes 7-13 (the end of the 1st series), but I’m lacking 5 and 6. I’ll probably have them soon after returning, but could those of you with good sources for these things keep an eye open for me, please.
  • Geek Night is off. Not that I can stop you playing board games, it’s just that I suspect it’ll just be Ruth and JTA.
  • Whatever you use The Flat for, try not to leave it any more of a tip than it is: it’s quite disheartening to come back from a holiday and find your home messier than when you left. And if you’re feeling particularly nice, I’d love it if one of you would put the bin bags out on Tuesday morning.
  • Most of the ‘community’ domain names are up and working correctly again, including the Troma Night website and Abnib (finally got it up-and-running as it should be again, not least so I can read it abroad). Yes, I know comments aren’t working on my blog again, yet: I’ll get to it.
  • Claire and I can best be contacted by e-mail on my GMail account. I can’t promise I’ll check it from Spain, but I’ll try to at least once. And I will check it from Preston.
  • We’re back in town on the evening of Sunday 10th July.

So; have a great week, those that are left, and don’t forget Castell Rock this evening: support shouty Welsh bands! I’m really sorry I won’t get to see those of you who are visiting for graduation this week, but you’ll all come visit again sometime soon, right? Right?